Sunday, June 8, 2014

Effective Pest Management in Fort Wayne Stops Those Ant Infestations

"Ringgold, GA and Fort Wayne, IN are separated by more than 500 miles, but households in both cities experience similar problems with ants. Households that need effective pest management in Fort Wayne should not hesitate to call a reliable service to help combat ants in the upcoming days. Ants are difficult pests to deal with due to the fact that colonies can quickly grow to numbers reaching 500,000 for 15 years, which is a queen ant’s average life span. Moreover, ants can quickly relocate their colonies if their home is ever compromised."

Friday, June 6, 2014

Superb Pest Control in Fort Wayne Keeps Ants at Bay, Homeowners Happy

"Ants can be beneficial or obstructive, depending on their environment. The problems that they can pose to a household may urge homeowners like you to contact a service that provides superb pest control in Fort Wayne. On one hand, ants are beneficial because their tunneling habits effectively aerate and mix the soil, making it ideal for cultivation. These critters also eat pests that are otherwise harmful to a farmer’s yield. On the other hand, ants can sneak into the small crevices of a house and consume food and water sources hidden inside. Their numbers (colonies of which typically reach 300,000) can also pose problems."

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Avoiding the Creepy Critters through Fort Wayne Rodent Exterminators

"Rodent infestations can affect any family in any home, especially in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In a recent report by the Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department, health issues due to rodent infestations prompted the closure of a saloon and a cinema complex. When your house is in need of more active options to squelch out the rats and mice, skilled Fort Wayne exterminators like Liberty Pest Management Inc. can guide you on what to do. Some piping in your house, such as PVC piping, are vulnerable to punctures by rat bites; water pipes carry the highest danger of contamination due to potential leptospirosis transmission from urine. You can counter the biting by spraying the sections of pipe with a mix of salad oil, garlic, horseradish, and cayenne pepper. The smell of the mix will be enough to keep the rats from gnawing on the pipes again."

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hiring an Exterminator in Fort Wayne to Take Care of your Silverfish

"Residents of Fort Wayne, Indiana may have come across silverfishes at some point. The insects may seem harmless at first, but you may not be as welcoming when they are full-grown and raising havoc on organic materials such as rayon, silk sheets, paper, and leather hides (especially those of hard-bound books). When you are pressed to keep the silverfish infestation at bay, an exterminator from Fort Wayne like the team at Liberty Pest Management Inc. can help you out. Taking out the silverfish requires a deep understanding of the insect itself. The bug sports two large antennae at the front and three small antennae at its tail, and is protected by a hard exoskeleton. Female silverfish are known to lay eggs at any given time of the year and the offspring achieve adult size– a half-inch– within four months."