Thursday, September 4, 2014

Using Pest Management in Fort Wayne to Properly Deal with Wasp Nests

Wasps are a type of insect that can invoke mixed feelings. On one hand, they continue to prove very useful, as they prey on other insects and help keep the pest population down. On the other, they themselves act as pests—and a dangerous type at that, with aggressive stings that can cause severe allergic reactions and, in the case of some people, even death. When found in an area with little to no people, wasp nests are best left alone. When found in the home or property, however, it is important to not deal with it by yourself, but to immediately seek professional pest management in Fort Wayne. As an article published last August 15th on the agriculture section of The Elkhart Truth attests.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Using the Right Pest Control in Fort Wayne to Increase Orchard Safety

When it comes to pest control, it can be argued that none is more needed than in a fruit or vegetable orchard. While it is important that any place occupied by people is pest-free, the amount of produce grown in orchards often attracts the deadliest of pests. As detailed in an article published by the Good Fruit Grower last August 18th, there is quite the increase of yellow jackets and wasps at orchards and produce markets, which can be quite the hazard to people: Not only do these critters sting humans, they damage ripe fruit, gouging out chunks varying in size from small holes to nothing-left-but-the-core. In u-pick orchards or farm stands, the consequences of biting into an apple or pear— or drinking a cup of juice —that has attracted a wasp can be life-threatening. A sting in the mouth or throat for some can lead to deadly swelling.